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Brace Yourself for Some COLD

A big pocket of cold air will move in over the weekend, bringing temperatures down to near 20 degrees on Saturday night. But factor in the wind and it'll feel closer to 10 degrees. But we're on the "warm" side… continue reading ›

Coldest Day This Winter

Today we tied for the coldest day this winter. It only reached 41° in Columbia - tying January 23rd. But when you factor in the wind, it was by far the coldest day this winter. Here's what the windchill temperatures… continue reading ›

It's Still Winter...

So far this winter has not been very cold. We've only had 6 days with highs in the 40's. All the rest have been warmer. But we're going to make up for this week. A pocket of cold air will… continue reading ›

So What is a Microburst?

This damage yesterday out in the Steadman Community (Batesburg-Leesville), was caused by a Microburst, with gusts to 70 mph. So what is a Microburst? You've probably hear the term Microburst, Downburst, or Macroburst. The are all different sizes (Micro-small, Down-medium,… continue reading ›

Tornado in West Columbia Today

Today's line of thunderstorms produced a tornado today in West Columbia. Here's the map that the National Weather Service sent out. The tornado was categorized as an EF0. That scale goes from EF0 to EF5. So it was on the… continue reading ›

5 Planets Lined Up Before Sunrise

If you're up before sunrise, say 6:45-7:15 or so, and the clouds cooperate, you'll be in for a treat! Over the next few weeks, you'll be able to see from lower left to upper right, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and… continue reading ›

Warm-up Headed Our Way

For the past several days, the Jet Stream has taken a dip - allowing some chilly air to spill down all the way from Canada. Starting this weekend, the Jet Steam will kink back the other way, with plenty of… continue reading ›

The Consequences of a Warm Atlantic

Here's an excellent read from a well-respected meteorologist. It's about how warming oceans are making storms worse - and it's not just the Pacific Ocean that's warmer from this strong El Niño. It would really benefit our society if we… continue reading ›

Freezing Rain or Sleet

With the recent wintry mix, I've gotten a lot of questions about sleet and freezing rain. Here's the skinny. In winter storms, the precipitation starts out as snow several thousand feet up. If it stays cold all the way to… continue reading ›

Winter Weather timeline

Winter weather timeline: Colder air will be filtering in from the northwest, which means we'll see some snow showers from roughly 2am to 11am on Saturday. But there will be little accumulation because there won't be much moisture left to… continue reading ›

My Latest Thinking on This Storm

Thursday Evening Forecast Update: My thinking on the storm is roughly the same as earlier. The only change I see is that we could see the freezing rain line dip a bit more to the south during the late morning/early… continue reading ›

Talk of Snow?

A lot of folks are asking if there's snow in my 7day forecast. Well I have some bad news for snow lovers - just rain is in the forecast right now. Here are the details. On Friday a storm will… continue reading ›

So What Is El Nino?

There's been a lot of talk this winter about El Nino. And for good reason. This El Nino is very strong - in fact maybe the strongest one that's ever been recorded. These pictures give a quick visual on what… continue reading ›

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