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Eclipse Photos

Here's a sequence of eclipse photos taken by Michael Crowder from today's eclipse. Fabulous! This one was taken by Louise Keiner. This one was taken by Kris Lemoins.

Eclipse Safety Tips

If you're not careful, the sun can do permanent damage to your eyes. So here are some tips for safely viewing this Monday's eclipse.

The Sun's Corona

If the skies are clear next Monday, this is what we'll see at during the total eclipse. When the moon completely covers the sun, the sun's corona is all that you'll see. The Corona is the out edge of the…

Baily's Beads

If the skies are clear for the Eclipse this Monday, then we'll be treated to Baily's Beads. These are beads of sunlight that appear just before and just after the total eclipse. They appear on the very edge and are…

Temperature Change During Eclipse

If the skies are clear, we can expect a significant drop in temperatures when the eclipse happens. NASA says, “When sunlight fades at twilight, we always notice how things start to cool down. The same is true for the temporary…

This Eclipse is Pretty Rare

In a little less than 2 weeks (on August 21st) the United States will witness a total solar eclipse which will begin in Oregon and end near Charleston. According to NASA, the last time a total solar eclipse went from…

Safely Watching the Eclipse

With the total solar eclipse coming up in just 2 weeks, it's very important that you know what you need to keep your eyes safe while looking at the eclipse. Sunglasses will offer no protection from the damaging rays from…

The Nights Are Getting Warmer

As the planet warms, we are seeing more record high temperatures. But the nights are getting warmer as well. The graph below shows the average number of nights where the temperature stays above 70 degrees. In 1970 Columbia averaged around…

Interesting Clouds!

Check out these pictures sent in by Melodie Griffin of Lexington. These are called roll clouds. They were produced by a thunderstorm. See the bottom right of this picture - which shows the structure of a thunderstorm. Roll clouds form…

Giant Iceberg About to Break off of Antarctica

An Iceberg, approximately the size of Delaware, is about to break off of Antarctica. The Iceberg will be huge - roughly one trillion tons! Check out the story here.

Great tool for tracking the Eclipse

In less than 2 months, on August 21st, a total solar eclipse will cross the US from Oregon to South Carolina. And it's going to pass right over the Midlands. If you're curious about exactly where the eclipse will pass…

Unusual Happenings in the Tropics

This is the first time in 49 years that there has been two named (tropical-type) storms in the Atlantic before July. That's according to Brian McNoldy from the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami.…

So Why Is The Earth Warming?

This article gives a brief summary of what's causing the planet to warm.

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