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Warming Planet

Recently a lot of folks have commented to me that temperatures here in the Midlands are warmer than normal. The conversation often continues with questions about global warming. So let's start with the first observation: the Midlands. Yes temperatures have… continue reading ›

Drought Update

With our recent rain, drought conditions are improving across the state. Now only the northwest part of South Carolina is still suffering a drought. continue reading ›

Record High Today

It does not feel much like January as the temperature reached a record high of 80° here in the Capital City. The previous record of 77° was set back in 1952. What's the average for this time of year? A… continue reading ›

Winter Weather Update

Most all of us in the Midlands will see some form of a wintry mix on Saturday morning. But if you're a big fan of snow, you'll probably be a bit disappointed - the accumulations will be on the light… continue reading ›

Wintry Weather

Friday will start out quiet, but the rain will arrive by late afternoon. It will continue to rain for most of the night with a slow change-over to sleet and snow moving in from the northwest. In the end, snow… continue reading ›

Possible Snow

The weather will be quiet though Friday morning, but things will change after that. Rain showers arrive by Friday afternoon and then some very cold air blows in on Friday night. At this point it looks like much of the… continue reading ›

Possible Wintry Mix

We could see a wintry mix Friday night into Saturday morning, but this is by no means a certainty. As you know, a lot of variable need to come together for us to get snow here in the Midlands. Cold… continue reading ›

First Day of Winter

Winter begins on Wednesday. That's the day when the sun shines directly over the Tropic of Capricorn. That's the circle that marks 23.5 degrees south of the equator. For us that's when we have the fewest hours and minutes of… continue reading ›

Cold Air Blowing In

Friday morning temperatures will drop to around freezing. Colder air will settle in from the Northwest dropping temperatures into the mid-20's Saturday and Sunday morning with the coldest spots dipping to the upper teens. The last time we reached temperatures… continue reading ›

Then End of Hurricane Season

Today "officially" marks the end of the hurricane season. I say "officially" because once in a while Mother Nature doesn't know when the season ends and we can see storms after the season ends. This year was the most active… continue reading ›

Some Much-Needed Rain

We got some much-needed rain today. Over the last 51 days, we've only had 2 days of rain. So although today is start, we still need quite a bit more to make for our deficit. See the drought monitor below. continue reading ›

New Weather Satellite

Meteorologists in the US are pretty excited about what's about to take place on Saturday. A new satellite will be launched, that will be the most technically advanced ever. continue reading ›


Wild fires continue burning from Western North Carolina to Northern Georgia. And when the wind blows from the northwest, we get a good dose of smoke. Plan on plenty of smoke through Wednesday, but by Thursday afternoon the winds will… continue reading ›

Super Moon

This month's full moon is called a Super Moon. Why? It's about 17,000 miles closer to earth than average. The result is that it appears 14% larger and 30% brighter than average. The last time the full moon was this… continue reading ›

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