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Starting today, don’t worry about going to the grocery store…your groceries will come to you

Tyler Ryan learns about the new grocery delivery service available to Midlands residents

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)-If the idea of fighting traffic on the way to the grocery store, driving in circles looking for parking, trying to find every BOGO deal possible, only to stand in a long line waiting for a customer two people away count endless coupons and pay with a check that hasn’t been filled out yet doesn’t excite you, there…

The power of philanthropy truly is in the purse…designer ones at that

Tyler Ryan learns about the annual fundraiser for Women and Philanthropy

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) — It’s a simple jump to say that the power of philanthropy is in the purse – or even the wallet- but in the case of the annual event sponsored by the United Way and the Midlands chapter of Women and Philanthropy, its takes on a more literal meaning. The 14th Power of the Purse event promises to…