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Is it really the Best Christmas Pagent Ever? Troy Fite says “Yes.”

Tyler Ryan learns about the Christmas classic in performances all weekend at Village Square Theatre

LEXINGTON SC (WOLO)–The boards at the Village Square Theatre are being trod this weekend with a holiday classic, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever, written by Mary Robsinson. Performances of this widely beloved Christmas tale, which according to VST’s Troy Fite is “warm and incredibly funny, full of characters both relatable and utterly unique are this weekend, December 15-17. Tickets start at…

Wild Wednesday: Play possum and think twice before tossing that french fry out the window

Jay Coles from the Carolina Wildlife Center shared some fun opossum facts with Tyler Ryan

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) — According to Jay Coles, the Executive Director of the Carolina Wildlife Center, the Opossum or simply “possum” are nocturnal animals very prominently found in South Carolina.  Coles points out that very often, possums are seen while driving, and very often, their timing isn’t the best when it comes to passing cars, as it is not unusual…

Good Behavior: The ins and outs of gifting and regifting

Pamela Eyring shares the proper way to gift for the holidays

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)-The Holidays can be very stressful, and not simply because of the pressure of impressing the in-laws.  Finding the perfect – and appropriate – gift can create a good bit front load stress also. Pamela Eyring from the Protocol School of Washington shared the following with Tyler Ryan: First of all, what should you do when someone gives…